Tuesday, June 2, 2015

AngularJS - a journey towards specalization

In a previous post I spoke about a desire to specialize.  For right now I think I am going to work on being a AngularJS front end and Java Spring middle tier guy.  I have been working with Java for a decade so no problem there.  Also being a full stack generalist for years I have done plenty of front end work but never really mastered the craft.  With a new job I am starting in a couple weeks I will have the chance to put my academic knowledge of AngularJS to use and start building a practical knowledge base.  Who knows if I will want to specialize in this in a year but for now this is a good place to start.

Following a recommendation by John Sonmez, the Simple Programmer, I should not only try to specialize in my skill set but also this blog.   So I will try to focus this blog now on three topics
  • AngularJS - writing about my journey from beginner to master
  • Java - general software development and algorithms
  • Unit Testing - this is my true passion in software development that I can never really escape

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