Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Software Engineer in search of a specialty

Arguments for specialization -

T-shaped skill sets -

I have been reading recently about specializing more as a software engineer. At this time I don't have a specialty at all.  For all of my career I have been a Java full stack engineer working mostly on web applications doing basically what is needed to get the job done.  Being able debug and speak to all areas of the application is valuable but having a focus/specialty would be even more so.  It would feel good to be more than a jack of all trades master of none engineer.  The time in my career I felt the most valuable to the organization was when I technical domain expert for a really complex feature of the flagship product.  With the pace that technological options are growing it is seemingly impossible task to truly know enough. The desire to specialize is there but the opportunity to isn't apparent to me at the moment so I need to steps to make it happen.

Step One:  Pick a specialty

This is where I get stuck and have been stuck for a couple years now.  I have areas of interest but nothing that stands out as something I can dig deep on within my current position so it would be purely on the side. So TBD...  still stuck at step one.  I should send out messages in a bottle  or smoke signals or something.

Step Two:  Obsess over learning the specialty

Step Three:  I don't know yet...

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