Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A little interview prep regularly can go a long way

Let's be clear about one thing interviewing is a skill.  There is skill not just being able to questions, but presenting the answer, thinking through the problem, and so on including just how to interact with people.  Like all skills your ability to interview will get rusty if you don't do it regularly. That does not mean need to be constantly looking for a new job to keep your interviewing skill up but you should do something.

Interview questions tend to be more academic vs the practical work we do on a day to day basis.  That makes it so you can be a great software engineer but still bomb and interview because the textbook definition of things escape you especially if it is not part of your day to day.  Personally I am a doer.  I just write the code and know what I need to complete a task and move on.  So the academic question and response nature of interviewing is not something I am very good at.

I admit it; my interviewing skills have gotten rusty.  I should do something like the start the day with an interview question from the many I have tabulated over the years.
  • Like what are the creation design patterns defined by the Gang of Four? Can you name any other design patterns?
  • Write an algorithm to find the center element in a linked list. Now do it in one pass.
  • What are the ways that a loop can be exited in Java?
  • ... you get the idea

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