Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spring Rest Tutorial

Starting at the beginning... again.

As part of my efforts to freshen up my fundamentals I am going through core reference tutorials.  The next one I am doing is the "Designing and Implementing RESTful Web Services with Spring" tutorial found at on the spring website. 

The code I wrote for it can be found here

My hope was to use Gradles when building this project but its interactions are blocked by the proxy I am currently behind so I am going to try to convert the project to maven.

I enjoy how the tutorial follows the TDD pattern when stepping you through creation of the project. 

Besides the Gradles issue one issue I have with these Spring tutorials is that everything is just handed to you.  There is not a single point in where they say now complete the code in this method but if you get stuck the answer is here.

Along with the Maven conversion I also updated my project to use Jetty vs the Gradles embedded tomcat.  I did run into one issue though.  A new version of jetty is required that supports Servlet 3 with is Jetty 8+.  I had to update the settings.xml (~/.m2/settings.xml) with the following entry:

<pluginGroups>     <pluginGroup>org.mortbay.jetty</pluginGroup> </pluginGroups>

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