Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Engineering, Sewing, Construction, Legos, and more...

A few nights ago my wife was amazed my latest project which was to sew a couple little heating pads which my daughter now likes to snuggle with at night.  My passion and what excites me is building things.  For my career I am a software engineer; I take little commands and stack them up to do something cool.  Software engineering is no different in my mind that building something out of Legos which I used to love to do as a kid (admittedly as an adult as well).  In software engineering you are small commands like i++ to accomplish a bigger task like in the snippet below where I say hello to you five times in JavaScript:

for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
     console.log("hello world");

  • I like to code because I like to build software that accomplishes a task.
  • I like to work with wood and do construction because I like to build or repair things to make my home a little nicer for my family.
  • I admitted do not shy away from the manly art of sewing for the same reason.  With a few cuts and a few passes on the sewing machine I have created something for my family. 
When I sew I play with power tools.  There is no difference in my brain between a scissors and a handsaw just like there is no difference between a nail gun and a sewing machine. I like to build things.

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