Monday, September 15, 2014

Code Academy Review Part 1

I started looking into learning new technology through Code Academy.  So far I have just done the first part of the JavaScript beginner course so my review will be limited to initial impressions.

The UI through Code Academy is wonder.  You are given instructions, a text area to code in (with syntax highlighting), and an output console.  This makes the effort of going through the lessons painless.  Each lesson from what I have seen is limited in scope to just one bit of information and a tiny exercise to try it out.  Everything I have gone over so far has been pure review but I can imagine being fresh to the language wouldn't increase the difficultly too much.

Languages covered on the site

  • HTML & CSS - 7 hour course
  • JavaScript - 10 hour course
  • jQuery - 3 hour course (not really a language but it is listed as such)
  • PHP - 4 hour course
  • Python - 13 hour course
  • Ruby - 9 hour course
Advanced topics available are focused on using API for a particular language for things like Mandrill, Evernote, and Twitter.

Tracking progress is being done with on each course and earning badges for lessons completed which can be shared using social media.

Overall impressions are that Code Academy is that it does exactly what its mission claims; which is to make learning how to program with web technologies accessible and non intimidating.  I would recommend it too anyone especially teenagers looking to learn how to get a taste for this coding thing.

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