Friday, August 29, 2014

Open Source Development Contribution Fail

As part of my efforts get more involved in the software engineering community and improve my personal brand I have been making an effort to get involved in an open source development project or two.  On one of my first days a new job I ran into a situation where I needed a utility method for a collection which was not handled by Apache Commons. Perfect opportunity to contribute back, right?  The change would have been a failure straight forward utility method so I went to the Apache Get Involved page and signed up for their Jira instance.  I wrote the code and was ready to submit my diff back to the community when I found it.  Someone else wrote a method very similar to mine and had an open ticket to have it merged in.  So close but a couple weeks too late.  The story won't end here I will find an opportunity to contribute back and write about my experiences doing it.

If anyone is involved in an open source project and wishes to pull me into it please contact me.

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