Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Job = New Tech Stack

Every software engineer has been here, you start a new job and get introduced to the companies tech stack and either do not know or out of practice with half of it.  When you encounter this situation you are forced to choose where to start investing your time learning it.  Some things you are going to pick up just going about your day to day activities and others you need to work at.   The question is where to start.

Here is the parts of the tech stack that I need to learn or get more familiar with:

So where do I start?  The first thing that needs to be done is assess what makes a something important to learn which is a combination of usefulness and personal marketability in the software engineering community. I can immediately eliminate things like Mercurial, Confluence, and Rally because those are just something you figure out as you go unless there is need to become an admin.  There are other things that I can rule out due to them being easy to knock off when the need arises to accomplish a task like mockito, WireMock, and Jackson.  That leaves me effectively with two options Spring and AngularJS.  AngularJS is a very valuable skill ATM and Spring is the defacto standard Java framework that I haven't been exposed to yet in a professional setting.  Spring has a more immediate need so I will start there for my day to day activities.  So I will be reading up on the basics of Spring and doing tutorials while getting an environment setup to do AngularJS work as well. 

How to you figure out what technology to learn first when you start a new position?


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